Teambuilding – Seminars – Meetings

If you find the hotels too big, too alike and too noisy, then Dybing Farm, with its informal, homelike but elegant atmosphere, is a great alternative for your successful gathering. More and more people look for environments that provide the best opportunity to work and relax in peace and quiet.

The three buildings at Dybing Farm, Siri House, Peder Barn and Guri House, are adaptable for one-day events or overnight stays. They are built and decorated to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Creative processing, free of distractions, becomes reality in these dramatic but peaceful surroundings. Depending on your needs, you can rent one, two or all three buildings. Each house is completely unique, featuring multiple handcrafted details and artistic touches in stone, wood and wrought iron.

The total sleeping capacity is 27 guests, 18 beds in 9 double rooms plus 9 sleeping places in lofts, etc.


Peder Barn’s conference room has a capacity for up to 40 persons. The panoramic view and two huge, extraordinary chandeliers and other pleasant surprises make this room quite elegant. Blakken-stallen, in Peder Barn’s basement, is a favorite gathering place for relaxation after the day’s program. The pub-like room is nostalgic, but ruggedly beautiful, with wood, leather and stone.

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Siri House, our crown jewel, can accommodate groups of 10-20 persons. The view is stunning with direct access to a large balcony. There is a cozy area under this balcony with BBQ-pit, massive fireplace, stone benches (with pillows) and a solid oak table for 12.

Guri House, a charming replica of the old farmhouse, is suitable for small groups of 8-10 persons. When you enter Guri House, pleasant memories from childhood visits to grandma will bring a smile and warm your heart. Guri House has soul!

Regarding meals, you may want to make the arrangements yourself or choose to be royally served by our capable and creative associate chefs:

  • Master Chef Rune Løyning, Åna-Sira
  • Travelling Chef Inge Anda, Stavanger
  • Camilla Haneberg, Hauge – tapas expert etc.

Dybing Farm is licensed to serve alcohol.

Activity Offerings for Teambuilding - Seminars - Meetings:

  • Cooking Class by Master Chef Rune Løyning
  • Kitchen Theater by Travelling Chef Inge Anda
  • Tapas Class (or other food topics) by Camilla Haneberg
  • Inspirational Talk “Life Quality” with Rune Løyning
  • Hikes on scenic trails with local guides and historians: Arvid Hammersmark or Arne Omdal
  • “Opplev Dalane” stien (“Experience Dalane” trail) – a popular centuries old path that runs past Dybing Farm
  • Gullbergtuva – a lookout with a gorgeous view, all the way to the North Sea
  • Multiple other interesting destinations

Dybing Farm has boats and canoes available. Wild mountain trout is plentiful in the cold clear waters of Dybing Lake.

Our sincere desire is that your gathering (small or large) at Dybing Farm will be successful. Please contact us expressing your wishes and needs and we will do our very best to accommodate you. For more information and photos check out Siri House, Peder Barn/Blakken-stallen and Guri House.


Welcome to Dybing Farm – at the lake